Out of My Way! Seven Surprising Reasons You’re So Irritable

Written by Nick Matthews

Out of My Way! Seven Surprising Reasons You’re So Irritable

Out of My Way! Seven Surprising Reasons You’re So Irritable – If everyone on the planet on the planet is not thrown in prison for being horrible in the next hour, you’re going to sue them all.

Especially your significant other,  who—you have only just discovered—is the loudest chewer ever born. When did he become such a pig, you wonder?

Your head is pounding, your teeth are grinding, your stress level is through the roof… but if you think about it, no one is any worse at driving than they were yesterday.

So what’s wrong with me?,you may ask yourself.

Here are seven unexpected things that could be sapping your ability to cope:

You’re hungry. (Or diabetic.)

Being busy and overloaded is a natural appetite killer.

Which may be great for the weight-loss efforts you’re multitasking along with everything else. But not knowing when your blood sugar has plummeted is a great recipe for picking a pointless fight with anyone unlucky enough to cross your path.

This may sound a bit like you’re back in preschool, but before you say something you’ll regret, plan a snack.

(And take a nap?That’s not a bad idea either!)

A more serious blood sugar issue is diabetes.

If regular and reasonable snacking doesn’t fix the problem—and if your fits of anger tend to build into panic attacks—you might want to make sure you aren’t showing any other signs of diabetes onset.

It’s that time of the month again—already?! Here’s another drawback of being really busy: it’s easy for time to slip by, with you all unawares.

Before you giveold jerkface at work a piece of your mind, look at the calendar:

Could it be the monthly usual? Well, pull out the usual coping strategies.

You’re malnourished. Sometimes a bad mood is more than a fit of simple hunger. Calories aren’t the whole story: If you aren’t getting enough B-vitamins, you can suffer problems ranging from simple irritability to actually giving yourself a mental illness!

Vegetarians are at particular risk of a B-12 shortage; try to supplement with as much egg and dairy as you can choke down.

You have hyperthyroidism.

As though the metabolic effects of thyroid imbalances weren’t scary enough, the Medical Daily blog reports that an overactive thyroid gland can cause fits of anger and irritability.

Are you also experiencing weight loss, nervousness, tremor, and insomnia as well?You’d better schlep to the doctor.

(Note: A wide range of physical ailments can cause an irritable mood. If you’ve gone weeks without feeling like yourself, it’s probably time to go to the doctor anyway.)

You’ve become addicted to something.

Have you had dental surgery lately? Any exposure to pain medication may have, unbeknownst to you, triggered a mild physical withdrawal.

After my last wisdom tooth was pulled and they gave me a course of Vicodin, for instance, it took me a while to put two and two together as to why I was suddenly suffering insomnia and fits of rage.

The fix for this is definitely not to take more of whatever they were giving you.

Put it on the shelf as soon as the pain subsides and get some exercise. It will flush out the drugs faster and give your brain a dose of natural mood-lifters.

You’re depressed.

For those of us who are not fond of our negative emotions (raises hand), sadness is often displaced into anger. Anger is easier to deal with, as it is rewarding to the brain, and it provokes action rather than the languor normally associated with depression.

If you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off and you don’t know whether to break things or cry, you likely have some pent-up emotion bothering you. Hint: It’s probably not in fact anger.

You’re overworked.

Maybe you have some legit reason for being angry—but you feel you can’t get back at the people who are piling their work on your plate.

Quite often these day, those people are your employers.

Or perhaps your co-parent?

Whoever’s dumping extra work on you, deal with them somehow before your irritability alienates everyone else.

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