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When you remember an event, your brain reconstructs that event from pieces and parts, many of which are completely unrelated to the actual event in question. Because you are creating your memories as you’re remembering them, you are at every moment redefining your life story.

You see once you realize that you’re creating your memories, you can change them simply by deciding that they fit the life story you want for yourself.

In practical terms, you can become the person you want to be by deciding to have that life story, and then intentionally going through your memories and examining them for details that support it. While those memories will have the same general structure your brain will create the details to reinforce the life story you’ve intentionally selected.

Your new memories will reinforce that life story and self-definition. Your brain will create details and events that make the memory coherent and congruent with who you believe yourself to be. Because your brain is creating the memory even as you remember it, you won’t know what parts are “real” and which parts your brain has “fabricated.”

Your brain will transform your memories so that they power you forward.

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