Things That Attracted Him (That You May Not Have Noticed)

Written by Nick Matthews

Things That Attracted Him (That You May Not Have Noticed)

Things That Attracted Him (That You May Not Have Noticed) – Sometimes you sit around wondering, “How did I end up with someone this wonderful?” There must have been something you did, right? When you think about it, nothing particular may come to mind.

It can feel a little strange knowing that he feels so strongly for you and you don’t know why. Well, here are six things that may have attracted him that you may not have even noticed!

1. Being Yourself

People always tell you to be yourself and it sounds like bull, but seriously, that’s what people find the most attractive. When you are your true and authentic self, you not only attract people, but you attract the right people.

2. Your Wit

People always say they want someone attractive, funny, smart…etc. People often forget to mention someone who is witty. Quick wit is a sign of intelligence and when it comes to a relationship, being witty is often a lot more attractive than being book smart.

3. Your Bravery

We all have barriers in our way as we navigate through our lives. Some people stumble, while others fall and can’t get back up. Others hurdle over the barriers and when they do stumble, they pop back up and keep running. If you are one of these people, he may be attracted to your bravery. In the face of tough odds, you shine bright.

4. Your Poise

The way you carry yourself says a lot about who you are as a person. If you walk around staring at your feet with your shoulders hunched and a sour look on your face, you are going to put a lot of people off. If you walk around with your back straight, eyes forward and a look on your face that says that you are going to conquer the world, you are way more attractive.

5. Your Kindness

I don’t mean you are “nice.” You can be nice to people to get what you want, you can be nice because the situation calls for it…anyone can be nice. Kindness is a different thing entirely. Kindness is altruistic and comes from deep within the heart. It’s doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Trust me, people pick up on this and they respect it.

6. You Keep Your Cool

There’s something attractive about someone who can stand their ground and keep their cool in the face of adversity. Instead of blowing up, if you’re the type of person who stays grounded, but doesn’t back down, this may have been one of the things that attracted him to you.

There are all kinds of different reasons for attraction. These are some of the less obvious. If he likes you for these things, then he likes you for the right reasons.

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