The Day I met an Angel

Written by Nick Matthews

The Day I Met an Angel by Nick Matthews

One event in my life that both changed my outlook and re-defined who I was to become happened when I was seriously injured on operational duty with the Air Force and it still gives me goosebumps when I recall it.

Meeting For The First Time – The Day I met an Angel

At age 21 I was evacuated from an operational site with a serious injury to my jaw. If you look closely at my photograph you can still see the scars just under my jawline. I woke several days later at a military hospital in Cambridge. I was quite ill having had several operations and had pins inserted and my jaw wired up and feeling very sorry for myself. I was quite rude and a bit of a pain. However, despite my demeanor, a young nurse dressed almost completely in a starched white uniform with a large silver buckle on her blue belt and a small white hat, stayed with me what seemed to be 24 hours a day for several days. She didn’t say much but what she did say helped me to reflect on my situation and my life as a whole.

Angel Guidance

She guided me to work out what I really wanted from life, she had me write down very specific things that I wanted to achieve (still have these notes), and she showed me how to maintain a thought journal to keep me on track. She also taught me what she called life transfer. This involved her holding both of my hands until I could feel a tingling energy firstly in my fingers and then into the palm of my hands. After a short time, I could feel this energy coursing all through my body. It was a wonderful experience and one that I soon learned to do for others. Up to this point I had been an arrogant task-focused person who did not care for other feelings or problems. This was life-changing for me. Within a week I could walk around the ward and whilst I couldn’t speak very well, I found myself comforting others in my ward. One person, in particular, had only weeks to live and I sat with him for hours and from somewhere I found helping words coming out of my mouth that were obviously having a positive impact on this person.

When I got back to base, I remained unfit for normal duties for some time and I was asked to present some lectures on leadership and personal development to a large group of trainee students. This was to become the start of my interest and career in personal development.


I believe in god but I am not a deeply religious person and yet even writing this story now, 34 years later, I have the same burning feeling in the center of my chest, warm to touch and yet as energetic as the sun, as I did when I first met the nurse who comforted and guided me. The strangest part of the story is that when I was eventually discharged from hospital, for full operational duties, I asked to speak to the nurse in question. Apparently, there was no such nurse and moreover, the nurses in the ward did not wear all-white uniforms.

I have convinced myself that my subconscious created this character to help me change at a time when I was both able to and was ready for that change. This is something that is at the center of my coaching – if a person is not ready for change, they will not! The alternative, of course, is that the angel was real, but that’s impossible, isn’t it?

Destiny Achievement

What I learned from my “angel” was that destiny achievement is the act of taking your mind and body to their greatest possibilities. This requires belief, mental tenacity, openness, and imagination. My coaching and products have many techniques that you will soon integrate into your unconscious. Destiny achievement is the journey during which what, at first, is new becomes more familiar through steadfast practice and, as you feel yourself changing, you will indeed be changing at an unconscious level. The passage is one of understanding the past, being aware of what works and why and fulfilling your reasons for being.


The day I met an Angel taught me that the realization of your destiny requires unrelenting practice and the taking of risks. A willingness to explore new ideas and openness with yourself and others will allow you to live in the moment thereby releasing your suppressed potential. My coaching and products combine eastern philosophy with western scientific research. This innovative approach is a paradigm shift in the delivery of individual and team improvement. By acknowledging your own destiny, you cannot but enable others to recognize theirs.

The most exciting thing about the path to your destiny is the comprehension of your own magnificence. Welcome to the next steps of your journey, I look forward to walking alongside you – it starts here.


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The Day I Met an Angel by Nick Matthews



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