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The Circle of Balance

Written by Nick Matthews

My great friend from Ireland is Kieran – and for many years we have worked together on a number of projects and The Irish Phoenix – The Circle of Balance © is probably the best of the lot. So without wanting to steal his thunder take it away Kieran McDonnell:

The Irish Phoenix – The Circle of Balance

I just don’t teach how to manifest. My focus is on teaching, The Circle of Balance, a philosophy on how to change lives in whatever area a person’s life needs changing. I assure you that if you know what you want my manifestation video coaching series will guide you to getting it using the law of attraction as your very own taxi to it.  You see, repetition using the law of attraction is the best way to learn and it is something you can use today to make a distinct change in your life…

You see repeatedly digesting and studying the content of my videos will change your life forever in whatever area of your life you desire.  Music repeated over and over gets embedded in your brain and then memorized. Popular advertisements replay themselves in your mind when you see a similar commercial or the exact product. In my videos using similar repetition concepts I teach real change on how to get new lasting results that once you could only dare to dream of. I not only teach how to reach your dreams, in fact I teach how to totally reboot your life and ignite your dreams in whatever area of your life that you choose.


Repetition reprograms your mind to accept whatever idea or image you consistently impress on it. There are several factors involved in the process. My main learning concept is that repeating great informational learning within a circle of balance provides time for the penny to drop firstly with the conscious part of your mind but more importantly and eventually with the subconscious part of your mind. This is the part that dictates to the law of attraction to get working for you on new positive real change in your life.

What I mean by that is if you’re not familiar with an idea or it goes against what you’ve been taught, there’s a good chance you won’t accept it the first time you come across it. You might have to be exposed to it many times before you change your way of thinking on something and on the old learned patterns that you have always been taught by.

The principle behind quality learned repetition is that if something happens often enough, it becomes clear, understandable and believable. And when that happens, you will eventually act on it more automatically through new learning habits attracting what you want.  Change does not come from reading or memorizing good information. It comes from understanding, digesting and then applying what you’ve taken in to attract and make a huge difference in your life.

Pick any area of your life where you really want to manifest real change and then do as I suggest in my videos.  Watch and listen to my video tips or if you prefer reading their content you can do that also. It’s all the same information once you download the essence of them into your mind and use it. The content you will be exposed to will fascinate you and support any new change or lifestyle that you are imagining. From today, you can become your life’s very own architect.  All you have to do is make a habit of studying my short video teachings regularly until you know their principles and they resonate clearly with your beliefs.


Please picture this scenario, it’s 8.00am and your phone is ringing and you’re late for an appointment. You jump out of bed in a rush but you still subconsciously dress yourself by putting your usual first leg into your pants the same way you did the day before when you were not in a rush.  “Why and how is this” I hear you ask? You see you dress in the morning using your stored subconscious habits of course. You no longer need to consciously think about this stuff as it’s all on autopilot. I teach manifestation success and real change the same way by reconditioning some old subconscious patterns that you did not even know were holding you back and guaranteeing you the same old tiring results daily.

55 Sequential Videos

My videos are packed with explosive law of Attraction secrets gathered from twenty five years of personal research and interviews with the master thinkers on the topic across the world.  These secrets will help reprogram your subconscious mind for success in what you desire and keep it on autopilot until you reach what you want. Success on what you desire will become inevitable if you use the law of attraction correctly the way I show you in my videos.

Over time, like a dripping tap that wears away stone, repeatedly exposing your mind to a new desired idea will give way to a new image and a new way of life. The more often you repeat it and act on it, the faster it will “get embedded in your mind” and become a part of you. I would be honored if you allow me to help or even coach you on your new journey.

Opportunities For You

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