Manipulation With Integrity!

Written by Nick Matthews

Manipulation With Integrity!

Manipulation With Integrity! and how Listening Can Improve Your Powers of Persuasion

When you want to change someone’s mind, you most likely think you have to talk them into coming around to your point of view. But, did you know that listening, not talking may be the best way to persuade others?

You may be wondering how not talking can help you get your view known and possibly persuade other s to accept it. It’s simple, really. It helps if you listen to their side first.

Active Listening Is an Important Skill

How well you listen to others can greatly impact your relationship with friends, family, and even coworkers. We listen for several reasons:

  • Obtain information
  • To Understand
  • To learn

The Four Active Listening Techniques

The 4 active listening techniques help you make sure you hear the other person and lets the other person know you are listening:

  • Give the speaker your undivided attention
  • Use body language and gestures to show you are listening
  • Allow the speaker to finish each point before asking questions
  • Assert your opinions respectfully and treat the speaker the way you would want to be treated

Practicing your active listening skills can help you break old habits, which can help you develop better relationships. Demonstrating respect for otherswill make them more likely to respect you. This makes others more willing to listen to you when it’s your turn to state your position.

Listening Gives You an Advantage

When you listen to the other person’s position and allow them to explain their views, he or she feels more respected. No one appreciates being interrupted or shouted down while speaking.

Think about it! Do you feel more respected if someone actively listens to what you have to say? Sure you do. Actively listening to other people makes them feel equal in the conversation and more receptive when it’s your turn to share your point of view.

Listening Helps You Understand the Other Side

As you listen to someone else speak, it gives you the change to understand the situation from their perspective.

Do not interrupt or just listen until you feel it’s your turn to speak, allow other people to fully express their views.

When listening attentively, you are better able to understand the other position, so while you may not agree, you can accept someone’s position as valid.

Listening doesn’t Mean Automatic Acceptance

Just because you take the time to listen to someone else’s position, doesn’t mean you have to cave in and change your point of view. It simply means you are willing to admit that both of you can have valid positions, but the two of you do not agree.

While sometimes it is impossible for two people to agree to each other’s positions, if you take the time to actively listen and understand what the other person is saying, you may find points where you do agree. This could be the start of persuading someone to come over to your way of thinking!

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