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Your reality of life or view of the world is dictated in part by how and where you were raised as a child. This developed your values and beliefs which you rely on to live by. As you go through life’s journey what you see, hear, taste feel and smell is deleted, distorted and generalized to fit your view of the world. This may not, to date have given you what you really want and certainly not delivered your latent potential. Accordingly, this reality, which you are not aware of, dictates how you walk, talk, look, sound and think. To change your reality and provide opportunities, for you to better consider you need to change your deletion, distortion, and generalization filter system. These filters sit alongside your neurology. To change who and why you are and BECOME UNSTOPPABLE you need to change your filters and supporting neurology. My new book BECOME UNSTOPPABLE USING NEUROPLASTICITY will show you how to do this.

My new book is now available now on Amazon in paperback and on kindle

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About the author

Nick Matthews

Nick Matthews is an Author, Organisational Neurologist, International Speaker, Performance Coach, and Clinical Psychologist. Creator of Change Your Destiny In 6 Days and author of the best-selling book BECOME Unstoppable - Neuro Hack Your Brain. Creator of one of the fastest-growing Personal Development Facebook Pages and author of soon to be published Destiny Paradigm through Russel House Publishing and also the author of Personality to Success. Nick is available for 1-2-1 coaching online or in person.

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