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How To Change Your Destiny!

Written by Nick Matthews

How to Change Your Destiny By Nick Matthews

Your choice is simple; between now and the inescapable end of your days, you can choose either to live or to die. Biological life is an automatic process, as long as you take care of the needs of the body. But to live in the sense the poet, suggests it is by no means something that will happen by itself. In fact, everything conspires against it and if you don’t take charge of your destiny, your life will be controlled by the outside to serve the purpose of some other agency and there are lots of them ready to gather up those lacking in direction and focus.

Your DNA programmed instincts will use it to replicate the genetic material you carry; the culture you are surrounded by will make sure that you use it to propagate its values and institutions; and, as you have already witnessed in your own life to date, other people will try to take as much of your energy as possible to further their own agenda – and all of this without regard to how any of this will affect you. Surely it must be crystal clear by now that you cannot expect anyone to help you live; you must discover how to do it by yourselves. This is the premise of Changing Your Destiny.

Living in this context is much more than basic survival it means to live to your potential. But how is this achieved? Changing Your Destiny explores ways of living in this manner, relying as much as possible on findings in neuro psychology and my own research, as well as on the wisdom of the past, in whatever form it was recorded.

Facts of Your Life

For example, from birth, your brain is filled with billions upon billions of neural links. These are physical electrical pathways that pass information around your body. Some of these messages we are aware of through negative thoughts that we constantly bombard ourselves with voices from what seems to be from the back of our head! Other messages are sub conscious and we are not even aware of them. For instance, what makes you breathe or pump your blood around your system? These all need messages for this work to occur. Your values and beliefs are mainly sub conscious and much of our behavior and success is determined by these processes. It is these neural links or thought patterns that have been developed throughout your life that are determining your present position in life. From birth your present map of the world was being set by your upbringing, your particular education and the values and beliefs of your family and friends.

Neural Links

Your neural links were being set in a particular pattern and consequently in many people their behavior and success was starting to become limited. Your body receives millions of bits of information per second through your 5 senses; sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste.  Your neural links have set up your senses to filter out 99 % of this information coming to you every second. Accordingly, you generalize, delete and distort these messages to suit your reality and yet we know that this reality doesn’t exist! It is a construct of your existing view of the world. A view that has not, to date, delivered for you what you truly want out of life. The good news is that Changing Your Destiny will help you to develop new neural links so that your reality becomes wider, your choices will increase considerably, and your achievements will become realizable.

In addition to changing your neural filter systems Change Your Destiny looks at any underlying blocks, dysfunctional value belief systems or thought problems that are maintaining you in a stuck state which in many cases has become a Groundhog Day for relationships, career improvement, spiritual and financial success and health.

The short video at

explains this process:

What makes a life serene, useful and worth living?

This is a crucial question you will address yourself.

Hidden Secrets

Four main suppositions underpin my work in answering this question. Firstly, is that our wise people, prophets and philosophers have worked out important secrets in the past which have been essential for our survival. Indeed, today some similar important truths are still being discovered.

However, these secrets have either been hidden, (have you seen the Da Vinci Code), or been expressed in the vocabulary and beliefs of the time. Accordingly, to be useful the secrets have had to been rediscovered and re interpreted for each and every generation. A major difficulty here is that some people see this as an attack on their core beliefs. In reality the opposite is meant.

For example, the revered writings of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and the Veda are the best source of the learnings that mattered most to our forefathers and mothers. Whilst the ideas in these great teachings underpin our values and beliefs it is perhaps incorrect to think that these books of the past are an all encompassing truth that lasts forever. You see situations change and as we will discuss later science has a part t play here.

Science and Research

Secondly much of my work is built on scientific discovery and research. However, again any scientific truth is also expressed in terms of the worldwide view at the time. A view that may well, and in many cases has, been discarded as incorrect. Indeed, much superstition and misunderstanding remains embedded in modern science.

Many of you will have flirted with manifestation, spiritual energy and other non-scientific efforts at better understanding how we fit and work within the cosmos without the need for theories and laboratories. Nevertheless, until we find the silver bullet of sixth sense and telepathic skills science remains the most accurate barometer of present day reality that we must take cognizance of.

Understanding the Past

Thirdly we must understand the learnings of the past and integrate them with present day scientific knowledge. Without doing so there is no solution to be found in the present. Eve my work on time projection into an imaginary future is not the sole answer. The only journey to changing your destiny is to make sense of the past reality, and we do that through research and regression training, combined with future possibilities as they both can be understood in the present. Regression, Present reality and Future projection is the core of Changing Your Destiny.

Thoughts and Emotions

Lastly, everything that your present life will achieve is and will be determined by a single chemical neurological process in your body, as a result of the electrical activity crossing the synaptic gap between your brains neural links and the subsequent interaction between your mind body interface. In turn, this is affected by your cultural web which builds your deletion, distortion and generalisation filters. The reality is a destiny that is determined by thoughts and emotions. Understanding this and developing a structured step by step approach to achieving the end goal has been my life’s work

Changing Your Destiny will help you determine what is lifelike? And the more practical question: How can each person create an excellent life?

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