Habits of the Mentally Strong

Written by Nick Matthews

Habits of the Mentally Strong

Habits of the Mentally Strong – What does it mean to be mentally strong? To be considered mentally strong do you have to be dealt a tough hand in life? Have a string of bad luck? Overcome life’s obstacles? Sure, that’s what we see in the movies. You don’t have to move a mountain or survive a massacre to be mentally strong though.

We’re surrounded by heroes every day—people who set wonderful examples of how to live. All we have to do is take notice and train ourselves to think and behave in a stronger, more resilient way.

Learn from mistakes, but don’t dwell on them “Everyone makes mistakes.” How many times have you heard that? A thousand times? Ten thousand times? Well it obviously isn’t doing you any good if you’re still beating yourself over things that have happened in the past.

The idea isn’t to forget your transgressions altogether, but to be able to look at them objectively and forgive yourself the way you would forgive another person for doing the same thing. It’s true that we tend to be our most harsh critics.

Mentally strong people begin learning from their mistakes almost immediately and they don’t repeat them.

Celebrate others’ success

It takes a mentally strong person to truly take joy in the success of others. Many of us have been guilty of envy at some point in our lives. Often we’re envious of people we don’t like very much. But sometimes we’re even envious of the people we love most!

So where does this come from? How can you stop feeling this way?

If you take responsibility for your actions (another mainstay of the mentally strong), you realize that by and large people get what they deserve—including you. From the outside it’s easy to discount someone else’s success—to assume that their looks or their family’s money or something else is responsible.

You wouldn’t want people thinking that about you, would you?

Avoid whining, complaining, and criticizing

Wastes of time—all of them.

Whining, complaining, and criticizing are all weaknesses. They don’t accomplish anything besides bringing everyone else around you down.

Many leaders are able to inspire people with confidence and optimism even when times are at their worst. Who would you rather spend your time with, someone who points out the obvious? or someone who can take a negative experience and turn it into something positive?

Impress themselves, not others

Narcissism is skyrocketing these days, fueled largely by social media. But wanting to impress others is not a new trait. Certainly not.

People who focus on impressing themselves are constantly improving. People who try and impress the people around them will always end up feeling inadequate. True satisfaction comes from inside yourself. It sounds kind of corny, but when you think about it you’ll realize that it’s absolutely true.

Feel grateful

How much would you pay to keep your eyeballs. What are they worth to you? You would probably put up every penny you have for your eyesight, for your mobility, for you ability to speak.

You take the basics for granted. We all do from time to time. But being completely oblivious to the suffering of others is to be unable to adequately appreciate your own life. No matter how bad you think you’ve got it, somebody has it worse.

Mentally strong people always count their blessings. Try waking up every day and thinking of some things to be thankful for. Do the same before you go to sleep.

Reject entitlement

There are few things in life that people deserve. Everyone deserves life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—but that’s about it.

If you feel entitled to a perfect life, you’re going to find yourself bouncing from one disappointment to the next.

Mentally tough people realize that life is hard—always has been—and that knowledge makes the sweet days that much sweeter.

How can you appreciate anything at all if you’re always expecting things to go your way?

Own their emotions

Mentally tough people would never say something like, “John makes me so angry!”

Why not?

Because they’re not going to let John, whoever he is, own their emotions. How can John make you anything? He has control over what he does and you have control over how you respond to it.It’s an enlightening and liberating notion.

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