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Written by Nick Matthews


Does success and happiness come more readily to some rather than others? I answer this key question within my book along with the knowledge on how to get what you want.

Our brains are constantly being shaped by experience. Most of us have very different behaviours and thoughts today than we did 10 years ago. This shift is neuroplasticity working; changes in brain structure as we experience, learn, and adapt. With every repetition of a thought or emotion, we reinforce a neural pathway and with each new thought, we begin to create a new way of being. These small changes lead to changes in how our brains work. Over time, it becomes an unconscious habit along with automatic responses; a part of us.

We literally become what we think and do. Neuroplasticity is at work throughout life. Connections within the brain are constantly becoming stronger or weaker, depending on what is being used. Younger people change more easily; their brains are very plastic. As we age change doesn’t come as easily; the brain loses some of its plasticity and we become more fixed in how we think, learn, and perceive. Since the brain is pivotal to all we think and do, by harnessing neuroplasticity we can improve everything we do and think.

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Nick Matthews

Nick Matthews is an Author, Organisational Neurologist, International Speaker, Performance Coach, and Clinical Psychologist. Creator of Change Your Destiny In 6 Days and author of the best-selling book BECOME Unstoppable - Neuro Hack Your Brain. Creator of one of the fastest-growing Personal Development Facebook Pages and author of soon to be published Destiny Paradigm through Russel House Publishing and also the author of Personality to Success. Nick is available for 1-2-1 coaching online or in person.

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