Five Nonverbal Signs that He is Really in Love with You

Written by Nick Matthews

Five Nonverbal Signs that He is Really in Love with You

Five Nonverbal Signs that He is Really in Love with You – Sometimes when your man is the stoic type it’s hard to know what he’s really feeling.

You’re always expressing your feelings, verbally and otherwise while he most times takes a different approach. Don’t feel neglected!

Your guy happens to be a nonverbal communicator, and a lot of guys who appear to be more open will express themselves this way.

Even when you’re not always hearing those three magical words this doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t care.

Five Nonverbal Signs that He is Really in Love with You

  • He’s always close to you
  • His friends like you
  • Smiling often
  • Sweet gestures
  • He’s a good listener

He’s always close to you

Do you notice your man putting his arm around you in public, or inching closer on the couch when you’re watching a movie?

Men of few words often express their affection through touch. If you notice, he’s always trying to be closer than that’s a sign he’s in love.

His friends like you

If your man makes an effort to include you with his friends that’s already a good sign. If his friends also enjoy your company they can sense you’re a keeper.

Simply introducing you to his friends implies that there’s something more serious about you.

Being known and accepted among his close friends is a sign that you’re in it for the long hall.

Smiling often

Do you notice your man smiles at you after you kiss? Does he smile at you when you’re telling a story, or getting ready?

Smiling frequently can be a huge sign that he enjoys you and is genuinely happy in your relationship.

Smiling is often a huge sign that he’s interested and thrives off of your energy.

Sweet Gestures

When your man accompanies you to the grocery store, or picks you up your favorite snack on his way home from work because you’ve had a hard day that means he’s in love.

It might be easy to not notice and even take advantage of these small gestures.

Love is definitely a verb and when it is acted out with sweet gestures than you know it’s real.

He’s a good listener

Nothing is more important than a guy who can listen. When you have a bad day and your man can sit with you and listen to everything that happened

A guy of few words taking a time out from his video games or sports matches to listen to your life drama is a keeper.

Men of few words usually have open ears to whatever you have to say and if they don’t shut you out with other activities then it’s safe to say he’s in love.

It might be easy to jump to conclusions about your man’s commitment if doesn’t constantly profess his undying love for you.

If your man shows any of these signs he most likely is more in love with you than you realize.

Taking time to appreciate the small things can help bring you both closer together.

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