Deep Relaxation Exercise

Written by Nick Matthews

Deep Relaxation Exercise By Nick Matthews MSC, MCBH, HPD

Deep Relaxation – I use this script when I start working people who want to change their destiny. It helps to start building new neural links which start to change the way a person thinks.

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Deep Relaxation Exercise


Place your feet flat on the floor, and rest your hands upon your lap, palms upwards. In a moment, I’m going to help you to enter deep relaxation and benefit from positive suggestions.

Your role in deep relaxation is to remain as physically still and mentally receptive as possible. Keep thinking positively, and just imagine agreeing with everything I say. You will be aware of everything I say, and you will only accept suggestions which you choose to accept. During this process, any sounds from around the room or sensations in your body will simply cause you to go deeper into deep relaxation. Just follow my instructions carefully and you will soon discover that you already have the potential to be an excellent subject.

Now, I want you to lie back and relax and close your eyes. As you close your eyes, you are able to concentrate and use your imagination. Now I want to begin by asking you to focus your attention on your breathing. Concentrate and listen to the sound of your own breathing and be aware of how rhythmic and automatic your breathing actually is. It’s so easy, so relaxing, and so effortless breathing deeply and slowly. Before you let go completely, and go into a deep relaxed state, just let yourself listen carefully to everything I say to you. It’s going to happen automatically, so you don’t need to think about that now.

The muscles in and around your eyes will relax all by themselves as you continue breathing, easily and freely. Without thinking about it, you will soon enter a deep, peaceful, relaxed state without any effort. There is nothing important for your conscious mind to do. There is nothing really important except the activities of your unconscious mind, and that can be just as automatic as dreaming. And you know how easily you can forget your dreams when you awaken.

Now, in a moment, I’m going to begin counting back from five all the way down to zero. As I count, count down with me in your mind. Imagine with each number we count that your eyelids feel more heavy, tired, and sleepy. Let them close just as soon as they want to close.

Beginning now, five, four, three, two, one, zero. Let your eyelids close all the way down and relax completely – sleep now. Relax your eyes completely – Relax your face completely – Relax your body completely – Relax your mind completely – sleep now.


 “Good. Now take a breath and send a wave of pleasant relaxation through your body and your mind. As you do so, let go and relax completely. You are calm, still very deeply relaxed. The sound of my voice will guide you deeper and deeper, and more and more relaxed.

Following my suggestions takes you deeper into relaxation. You are safe and secure. Outside noises will not disturb or distract you in any way. Your mind will always come back to the sound of my voice. The sound of my voice guides you deeper relaxed. The deeper you go, the better you feel, as your body and mind doubles its relaxation with every gentle breath you exhale.

Now imagine in front of you that there is a long circular staircase that is leading way down into relaxation. It’s endless; there is no end or bottom. We’ve never found the bottom of relaxation. With every breath you exhale, you take a step down, another step down this staircase of relaxation.

It is taking you deeper and deeper. Now, letting go, letting go completely, it goes on forever. So I want you to accept this suggestion. Whenever you are in this beautiful state and hear my voice, every breath you exhale takes you down another step on this staircase, now. Every breath you exhale takes you deeper and deeper down, step by step. More calm, more relaxed, going deeper and deeper with every breath and step down the staircase. Let go and relax completely and again relax, let go and relax completely.

 Deep Relaxation Unconscious Opening

 You’re now growing so deeply relaxed, and your mind is becoming so responsive, and so receptive to these words, that everything I now suggest to you, is sinking so deeply into your mind, and making so deep and lasting an impression there, that it takes root permanently and
grows there powerfully and effectively.

You have now become so deeply relaxed, so deeply asleep, that your mind has become so sensitive, so receptive to these words and what I say, that everything that I suggest to you, will sink so deeply into the unconscious part of your mind, and will cause so deep and lasting an impression there that it will take root and grow effectively.

These things that I put into your unconscious mind, will begin to exercise a greater and greater influence over the way you think, over the way you feel, over the way you behave.

And, because these things will remain, firmly embedded in the unconscious part of your mind, after you have left here, when you are no longer with me, they will continue to exercise the same great influence, over your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions, just as strongly, just as surely, just as powerfully, when you are back home, or at work, as when you are with me here at this time.

You are now so very deeply relaxed, that every single suggestion is being absorbed, very deeply, indeed, and you will experience things, and these words will help you, exactly as I say, and in a way that suits, your life, your personality, and your personal goals and values, And every feeling, that I tell you that you will experience, you will experience, exactly as I suggest.

And many good things will continue to happen to you, every day, and you will continue to experience these same feelings,  every day,  just as strongly, just as surely, just as powerfully, when you are back home, or at work, or anywhere else.

Deep Relaxation  Unconscious Development

 During this deep sleep, you are going to feel physically stronger and fitter in every way. You will feel more alert, more wide awake, more energetic. You will become much less easily tired, much less easily fatigued, much less easily discouraged, much less easily depressed.  Every day, you will become so deeply interested in whatever you are doing, in whatever is going on around you, that your mind will become completely distracted away from yourself. You will no longer think nearly so much about yourself, you will no longer dwell nearly so much upon yourself and your difficulties, and you will become much less conscious of yourself, much less preoccupied with yourself, and with your own feelings. Every day, your nerves will become stronger and steadier, your mind calmer and clearer, more composed, more placid, more tranquil. You will become much less easily worried, much less easily agitated, much less easily fearful and apprehensive, much less easily upset. And so, your memory is rapidly improving, and you are now able to see things in their true perspective, in proportion, and in a healthy, balanced, and reasonable way. Every day you now grow more emotionally calm, much more settled, much more serene and contented.

Every day, you now become, and you will remain, more and more completely relaxed, and at ease, both mentally and physically.  And,  as you become, and as you remain, more relaxed each day, so you now develop much more confidence in yourself,  more, confidence in your ability to do things,  not only in what you have to do each day, but confidence in whatever you wish to do or imagine yourself doing. And so, every day, you now feel more and more emotionally secure, and independent, more able to stick up for yourself and assert yourself, to stand upon your own two feet.

Every day, you will feel a greater feeling of personal well-being. A greater feeling of personal safety, and security, than you have felt for a long, long time. And because all these things will begin to happen, exactly as I tell you they will happen, more and more rapidly, powerfully, and completely, you will feel much happier, much more contented, much more optimistic in every way. You will consequently become much more able to rely upon, to depend upon, yourself, your own efforts, your own judgment, your own opinions. You will feel much less need, to have to rely upon or to depend upon other people.

 Deep Relaxation Unconscious Re-enforcement  

 Now, in a moment, I’ll begin repeating a simple, powerful affirmation which reinforces all of those positive ideas. Listen to the words, “Every day, I now feel more peace, strength, and self-confidence”.

Every time I repeat those words that suggestion is penetrating two times deeper into your mind, creating a more powerful, beneficial and lasting transformation in your feelings and behavior. Imagine yourself repeating and reinforcing the suggestion along with me. Beginning now, “Every day, I now feel more peace, strength, and self-confidence.”

Repeat “Every day, I now feel more peace, strength, and self-confidence.” Repeat a further 5 times.

 Emerging from Deep Relaxation

 Now, in a moment, I’m going to begin counting from 1 all the way up to 5. And with each number I count, you are now emerging with a wonderful experience of profound hypnotic transformation.

The many positive suggestions which you have already accepted and internalized will remain with you and continue to grow stronger and more beneficial with each day that passes.

As I count you’re beginning to feel more alive, more aware, and more alert, when I reach the number five, open your eyes and you feel wonderfully good, peaceful and relaxed.

Beginning now: one, two, three, four, five, Opening your eyes now, looking forward once again – clap hands.

How do you feel now; feels good?

Use this exercise as often as you like it is one of the best ways available to help restructure and grow your neural pathways and thereby reinforce the changes to how you do what you do to achieve what you want. During the next 6 days I would recommend that you use it at least twice a day.

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