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The Change Your Destiny In 6 Days Existential Question Paper

Written by Nick Matthews

The Change Your Destiny In 6 Days Existential Question Paper

The Change Your Destiny In 6 Days Existential Question Paper By Nick Matthews

This is a great exercise that I use with clients in my coaching clinic, to get them thinking about possibilities, remove “stuck states” and support goal setting. It is particularly useful to help kick start some ideas for what you would really like to do if it wasn’t for money, age, education etc. Let’s break down those walls that have been limiting your potential.

Son of Zeus: Imagine you receive a magic talisman that means that you will never fail, and always succeed at everything you do. What would you do next?

Hindsight: If you could rewrite your life so far, what would be the main thing you would change?

Aladdin: Imagine you find a magic lamp that gives you 3 wishes. What would you wish for (apart form more wishes)?

Afterlife: Imagine in the distant future, having passed over, you are looking back on things from heaven and reviewing your life. What would you like to remember yourself has having achieved?

Limitless Pill: Imagine you were given a magic pill that that suddenly made you more courageous, decisive, likable and in control. What would you do next?

Carpe Diem: If you knew that your life was going to end in a year, what would you do with the time remaining?

Desert Island Fantasy: If you were stranded on a desert island for a year with only me for company. By observing your behavior very closely what would I learn about you as a person?

Plato’s Cave: Like the Matrix, suppose you discover that life is an illusion, and you’re actually dreaming it all. What would you do next knowing nothing is real?

 Obstacles: What, if anything, stops you from going ahead and just doing it right now?

 Fundamental Goal: Using your answers to the questions above as a guide, sum up a goal that you would like to achieve in life?

 The Sage: What sort of person would you have to be in order to achieve your fundamental goal?

 Personal Identity: If you achieved your fundamental goal, what sort of person do you feel it would make you?

 Bigger Picture: If you achieved your fundamental goal, how would your life be different?

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