Building a Better Morning Routine

Written by Nick Matthews

Building a Better Morning Routine

Building a Better Morning Routine – What we do in the morning sets the tone for everything that follows. A productive morning usually means a more productive day.

While we all have different schedules and different demands on our time, it doesn’t matter if you’re a prince or a pauper; we all have to deal with the same morning grogginess.

We’ve studied the routines of successful people to see if we can’t become more successful ourselves.

Reach out

Send a friend a friendly text. Leave your wife or girlfriend a romantic note. Send an email to your grandmother saying you love her.

It can be easy to forget the important things in life, especially if we’re under stress at work. Brightening someone’s day takes only a few seconds, and getting in the habit of doing it can give you a more positive outlook on life.

You’ll feel better throughout the day knowing that you’ve reached out to someone you love. Saying “good morning” to your secretary doesn’t count, by the way. That’s just common courtesy, and hopefully you’re doing that anyway.


Physical activity is scientifically linked to better mood, better confidence, and (of course) better overall physical health.

Create an exercise routine for yourself to do each morning before you eat. Some people run several miles, while others do a little light yoga.

It doesn’t matter much what your exercise is, so long as you’re doing something to get your heartrate and metabolism going in the a.m.

Eat a good breakfast We mean like, actually good. Not doughnuts and coffee.

A good breakfast is high in protein and big enough to get you through till lunchtime without taking any breaks for snacks. It’s a good idea to avoid carbohydrates, as these will give you a brief rush of energy followed by a crash in your blood sugar and more snacking.

Many of us fail to eat healthy breakfasts because we feel like we don’t have enough time.

Here’s the solution: Go to bed half an hour earlier than normal and wake up 45 minutes earlier. Now you have plenty of time to treat yourself to a healthy and fulfilling breakfast.

Make a tomorrow list

You’ll do this part of your morning routine the night before. As you’re finishing your day at work, make a list of the top 3-4 things you need to do the following day.

Put the list somewhere obvious so you can’t miss it.

Tomorrow lists can help you prioritize your day’s activities and start your day in the most productive way possible.

Complete your hardest task first

Mark Twain said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning. Anything else you do the rest of the day will be a pleasure.”

You don’t want to have anything hanging over your head. Whatever feels most like a chore should be taken care of right away. It’s natural to want to avoid the things we find unpleasant, but then again stress and anxiety are natural too.

Make this a part of your routine and you could lead a much less stressful existence.

Focus on you

Regardless of your job, there are certain responsibilities that rest solely on you. In other words, though there are many ways you can spend a day at work, some tasks you complete on a daily basis.

These are the ones you want to take care of first.

Once you have your own duties out of the way, then you can check your email, texts, and phone messages. Stay reachable, but don’t communicate with family, friends, and coworkers until you’re well on your way to completing your day’s work.

Do yourjob first.

Personalize your routine

The advice above is very general, meaning it will help for the majority of people. It’s not the law though. If you’re a writer, write in the morning. If you’re an artist, paint in the morning. If you’re a teacher, grade tests in the morning.

Remember, do your hardest thing first and the rest of your day will be a piece of cake!

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