How Binaural Beats Can Focus Your Mind

Written by Nick Matthews

How Binaural Beats Can Focus Your Mind

If you are looking for ways to increase focus, brain function, and overall relaxation then binaural beats are for you. These beats help you achieve a desired mental state by just using frequencies. Binaural beats are worked by sending two different sound waves into each ear. The binaural beat is the difference between the two frequencies. Say you send 200 Hz into your left ear and 210 into the right, the binaural beat is 10 Hz. Each level of Hz puts you in a different mindset. One of them helping increase focus.

Why binaural beats?

In this day and age, it can be hard to slow down enough to focus on anything. Binaural beats can help slow the activity going on in your mind. This, in turn, will allow you to focus on what you need to. However, since binaural beats can put you into a relaxed state, it is important not to use them while you are doing anything that requires much attention.

How to use binaural beats?

One of the great things about using binaural beats is that you can use them with your everyday radio headphones. This is because the beats are not the headphones themselves, but beats created within your mind instead. Therefore, grab your headphones, find a quiet place free from distractions and relax while listening to the sound waves.

Listening to binaural beats takes time. On average the brain takes seven minutes to fall into the beat. You then need to give yourself around thirty minutes to really benefit from it and get the most focus.

Everyone’s mind works differently. You may need to mess around with the waves for a little bit to figure out how many Hz is needed for your own desire.

You can either have your eyes open and focus on an object to increase focus, or shut them and focus on the music. Whichever one works for you the best is how you should do it.

Training your mind with binaural beats can take a few tries. Remember all good things come in time. It could take several sessions before you really start to see a difference in your minds focus. However, the time will come when you can use your brain more efficiently.

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