We have never been as out of touch with our planet than at any other time in the past. We no longer see or think as we once did. Even in the past 2 thousand years, we have forgotten the secrets of our ancestors. We have taken what we wanted and intruded in the processes that deliver life on Earth and become increasingly aware only of our own interventions, and seemingly ignored the vast ecosystems that make life possible.

We are losing our place in the world, in a profound sense and alienating ourselves from nature making it easier for nature to be destroyed, either on a planetary basis (climate change) or from a biological perspective (pandemics). My new books focus is on how we can develop and better use our minds to change both our internal and external views of the world before it’s too late. In doing so a bye-product is delivering your latent potential to BECOME UNSTOPPABLE in achieving what you want out of life. Using ancient eastern philosophy combined with cutting edge western neurological science this book delivers a paradigm shift. Your neurology can deliver you your greatest failure or your greatest success. Become Unstoppable and make sure it’s your greatest success.

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