Could You be Addicted to Bad Relationships?

Written by Nick Matthews

Could You be Addicted to Bad Relationships?

Could You be Addicted to Bad Relationships? – Are tired of finding yourself stuck in a bad relationship? Often people find that they going from one bad relationship to the next don’t understand why they can’t find that one person for them.

If this sounds like you, it is possible that you are addicted to these bad relationships. Sound impossible? Don’t rule it out until you know more about the subject. Breaking the addiction is the key to moving on and finding that good relationship you deserve.

Symptoms of Bad Relationship Addiction

If you are addicted to bad relationships, you are setting yourself up for failure time and time again. You’ll end up in a vicious cycle of jumping from horrible union to another.

Or just stuck in one for a long period to time.

Here are some signs that indicate you are addicted:

  • Choosing to ignore the truth that you are unhappy, but unwilling to make a change
  • Making unrealistic excuses for why you stay in the relationship
  • Not being able to muster up the courage to confront your partner about relationship issues
  • Easily giving in even when you know what’s happening is not good for you
  • Suffering from both physical and mental distress
  • If you are in a bad relationship, but chose to stay because you are afraid to move on, then you are definitely addicted to it.

And if that relationships ends, you’ll right back in another bad one, unable to make yourself move on and find true happiness.

The Dangers of Staying in Bad Relationships

  • A bad relationship does not fulfill either partner’s needs, so you will most likely be living with constant stress.
  • Your self-esteem will suffer, making it more difficult to really achieve any personal or professional goals you have.
  • Stress has a physical affect on your body. It drains you energy and motivation, which can lead to depression. This can lead to alcohol or drug abuse to help cope with your feelings.
  • A bad relationship, especially one right after another, can lead to an emotional breakdown. No one should have to endure the constant feelings of unhappiness and just settle for what is.

What Causes People to Stay

There are many reasons you may come up with to remain in relationship that is not good for you:

  • Thinking that ending the relationship will leave you alone and unable to find someone new
  • You’ve gotten content with your situation and comfortable, so you’re afraid to try move on
  • You’re afraid what others might judge you about your failed relationship
  • You stay for the children
  • You think bad relationships are normal and have never experience a true, loving, nurturing relationship

Whatever your reason for staying in a bad relationship, or continually finding yourself in one, you can get help . You can get counseling to help realize just how unhealthy your relationship is for you and your partner.

You can also find the courage to move on and look toward the future. Even if you have children, you shouldn’t feel guilty about getting out of a bad situation.

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