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Entering into a relationship is something that nobody takes for granted and for others, it is a situation that is alien and actually takes a great deal of work to pursue. However, no relationship is perfect and there will always be reasons why couples fall out. The key is to understand that indifferences in relationships are par for the course and that mutual understanding is often the only solution. That said; let’s have a look at five common relationship issues that may rear their ugly head:


Long-distance relationships are tough; that is the bottom line. But if two parties are really interested, then they can work. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder right? Maybe, but what about the school of thought that ‘says out of sight out of mind’? The key to long distance relationships is communication. If you are serious, then call often, exchange emails or on a more distant scale send letters. However, in today’s digital age, social networks are the way forward and the sharing of pictures, videos and status updates with a loved one is the key.


Physical Attraction

Yes, it is ultimately looks that draw us to our partners; but looks alone are not enough to sustain a healthy, long-term relationship. Anyone who is fooled by this guise and believes that a long-term relationship can be based on physical attraction alone is mistaken. While physical attraction is a fantastic aspect of a relationship, it cannot be the only basis and so nobody should be under the illusion that relationships based on physical attraction alone can last.

Somebody Else

We don’t like to admit it, but a huge problem when it comes to relationships is a third party. If your significant other is interested in someone else then there are two reasons why: a natural attraction or a feeling of neglect. The former you can do nothing about, but the latter is definitely something you need to discuss. However, perhaps the former is a result of the latter and so a heart-to-heart discussion is needed either way. A relationship cannot survive when there are three parties involved.

Romance is Dead

Everybody, especially girls, love romance. This is why a healthy relationship needs romance to be blossoming at all times. Unfortunately, romance can die out after a period of time with the same person and this has a detrimental effect on the relationship. Romantic gestures don’t necessarily need to be grand or expensive, but they need to come from the heart. The odd bunch of flowers or box of chocolates goes a long way when the other party is not expecting it.

Other unfortunate issues that can affect relationships in the romance department relate to the bedroom. Perhaps intimate relations have become a problem of late and one half of the relationship is unable to fulfil the other sexually. If this is the case, then help is available from reputable companies such as Prolong and further advice should be sought.


Jealousy is perhaps the biggest destroyer of relationships and most of the time it is unfounded. One partner becomes suspicious of the other’s activities and jealousy ensues. Moreover, there is usually a perfectly understandable explanation for certain behaviour, yet jealousy still leads to an argument occurring. The best advice is to talk about everything and anything. This why, jealousy will not rear its ugly head and you relationship will remain strong and healthy.

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Nick Matthews is an International Speaker, Performance Coach and Clinical Psychologist. He is also an Internet Marketing specialist. Creator of Change Your Destiny In 6 Days, Easy Mind Rescue and Easy Life Rescue. Creator of one of the fastest growing Personal Development Facebook Pages and author of Personality to Success and A Practical Guide to Change Your Destiny.


  • I have been with my boyfriend for 7 yrs, we keep breaking up and making up, he rarely wants to talk about the relationship when we have a problem and I find it hard to cope. Two years ago he left after an argument, during those time he never tried to contact me and he has dated other woman and after a while I met someone too. But in my heart I still love my boyfriend. Last month we met up again and the old spark was there, we started seeing each other again, and he says he’s not with anyone and I’m single too.
    We talk a lot on the phone he takes me out as well, but I find it hard to open and communicate with him in a normal way and he’s said he cares about me and love me, I’m not sure about this cause he would not have left me for two years.

    At the moment I feel numb, I do care for him but I don’t know if it will be many more wasted years and heartache if we date again? We are both in our forties and have been divorced and have kids from previous marriage.

    I feel very insecure as well with him, as sometimes it’s hard to open up and tell him how I feel as I don’t know if it will cause an argument again….

    • Such things are unfortunately all too common and I feel for your hurt. In such circumstances i advise that you take a congruence check by deciding firstly with your heart what it is you want with this person and then with your head. If you get 2 yes then get back together but set some rules for yourself about what is acceptable and if these rules are broken you must decide before your get back together what action you will take. If you have an incongruence (your heart says yes but your brain says no) you must work this out within yourself before getting back together (or not)

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