4 Signs that He Is Using You

Written by Nick Matthews

4 Signs that He Is Using You

4 Signs that He Is Using You – Love is blind and love is messy, which can get you involved in a relationship where your partner is only trying to use youwithout even ealizing it. Although many women can instinctively tell when their men are using them, it can be difficult to face the situation and break up with him because he is not good for you.

Pay attention for signs that indicate that your partner is not really in the relationship to love and support you.

Your Finances are His Finances

As you get to know this man and go on dates with him, you find out that he is broke. So , you start paying for everything.

When your partner makes your finances his finances, he has become financially dependent on you and might be using your for your money.

Some ways that financial dependence can be apparent are:

He always asks you to pay.

He moves in with you and contributes nothing to rent, utilities, and other household expenses.

He asks you to loan him some money for a significant purchase.

He never gives you gifts—for your birthday or just because.

Getting to Know You Is Not Priority

Does your partner take time to listen to your concerns, what you are excited about, or your dreams for the future?

Talking about your lives is a normal part of any healthy relationshipthat bonds you emotionally, and while it might take a man some time to open up about his feelings, it will happen eventually. If your partner never asks about your life or shares his with you, this can be a sign that he is using you for something, since he never really gets to know you.

All the Blame Lands on You

Every time something bad happens in your partner’s life, you are sure to hear about it. In fact, he blames you for causing the bad thing.

A man who is insecure and unwilling to own up to his own actions needs a scapegoat for his actions.

If he is blaming all of his problems on you, this is a form of emotional abuse you should not tolerate.

The Pressure Is On

Every time you see your boyfriend, he is constantly pressuring you for sex, making you feel like that is all your relationship centers around.

If you are feeling like this, you are probably right; he is using you for your body and your ability to give him physical pleasure.

You are more than your body, so do not be afraid to tell him no. If he gets abusive or leaves you over it, it is better for you to get out of the relationship than to put up with being treated like an object.

It is not fair to yourself to stay in a relationship where your partner is using you, even if you tell yourself that you love the other person.

Know how to recognize when the person you thought loved you is actually using you for his own selfish needs and do not be afraid to end the relationship.

You deserve someone who respects you and cares about you!

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