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I had a conversation with my friend about his female friend who’s actively seeking a man for a serious relationship. Her problem is that the men who are interested in her aint about shit. They are “no good”, immature, hustling, losers and she’s tired of it. What’s worse is that she’s beginning to think that there is a problem with her because she attracts losers.

As he told me this story, I thought about several of my female friends who go through the same ordeal. After discussing for a bit we came to three conclusions…

The majority of men aint shit

As hard as it is for me to admit this, it is true. I know a lot of guys who are no good lying cheating bastards (no offense). They are fluent in the art of deception and seduction. They know how to get what they want from women while giving as little as possible. To add to that, they have no real ambition to do anything of meaning with there lives. The quick buck is what mostly appeals to them. I wouldn’t call these people close friends, just people I know. I tend to surround myself with like-minded intelligent people. But I understand a majority of the male population aren’t intelligent, motivated and faithful people. The reasons behind this phenomenon brings me to our second conclusion…

Women are, in fact, crazy and drive men to be assholes

Maybe not crazy in the clinical sense, but crazy in the way that have baffled the men that pursue them for many centuries. Women say things like, “You should have known”, “I shouldn’t have to tell you that” or the worst of all “That was then, this is now.” Us men really have a hard time understanding you. In the instances where the man is ideal in every way, you criticize him for being only 95% perfect. I’ve heard women say, “He’s too nice” or “I feel like I can walk all over him.” I find that women take advantage of the “good guy” instead of appreciating him. Another thing that I have noticed among the female population is that they would cheat on or leave the “good guy” for a man who aint shit (found in our first conclusion). As a result the “good guy” is transformed into an “asshole”.

In some rare instances there are women who could appreciate the “good guy”, but they usually aren’t fortunate enough to ever find one who’s straight or lives in a 50 mile radius. I really believe this problem can be solved by our last conclusion.

Women’s attitude need to change

a) Inwardly

Having low self-esteem will not help you in your pursuit of happiness. You have to KNOW that you are good enough and deserve a good guy, regardless of the assholes that you’ve dealt with.

b) And outwardly

Present the world with a confident self-sufficient woman and the good men will identify you as someone to pursue. Positive thinking doesn’t hurt either. I am a firm believer in speaking your reality into existence. So with that logic if you constantly repeat the phrase “there are no good men out there”, you probably won’t find any. But if you say the opposite, you might see some results. Even if you don’t see any results, at least you’ll feel better about the search.



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Nick Matthews

Nick Matthews is an International Speaker, Performance Coach and Clinical Psychologist. He is also an Internet Marketing specialist. Creator of Change Your Destiny In 6 Days, Easy Mind Rescue and Easy Life Rescue. Creator of one of the fastest growing Personal Development Facebook Pages and author of Personality to Success and A Practical Guide to Change Your Destiny.


  • I have to agree with how you’ve put this.
    Most women do not understand how to communicate with good men because they’ve spent so much time learning to work around some of those not so good men.

    On the other hand some of those not so good men have once been good men and they’ve had to repeatedly deal with under-confident, manipulative, confused, and, yes, sometimes crazy, women.

    Either way, dealing with those negative stereotypes overmuch can corrupt the good parts of good men and women through broken hearts, broken promises, broken dreams. Both genders need to learn that we do not always mean the same things with the same words. Until we have that communication base ironed out, deeper, committed, emotionally supportive, happily dedicated relationships do not happen.

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